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Welcome to my Page

Thank you for considering me to create or maintain your web page. I have been building pages for several years. I can also take your video tapes and convert them to online still pictures. Please look over some of my work and feel free to ask me questions on anything.

For a commercial page I charge based on how complex you want it to be. I will build a page that you are satisfied with. If you don't like it, I don't charge. As part of the building process, I can find you a place for your site or use one you have already. There are free sites available on the net, some allow commercial pages and some charge for or restrict commercial sites. I do not get involved in porn or other illegal activity sites. [automatic knives are not illegal where I live]. I will attempt to locate any links you would like on your page or avoid anything that might allow your customers to go around you to your wholesaler. I can place you with some of the major search engines to increase traffic to your site. I can scan in your photos or within a reasonable distance, I can come take your pictures for an additional cost. You are the one that designs your site, I take your ideas and develop them into something that will serve your needs.

Monthly maintenance if you want it is $10 per month or $100 per year for up to 30 minutes work a month. Major changes cost $25 per hour. Major changes would probably be the addition or deletion of a large number of items or moving your site as your needs or stock changes. In most cases the 30 minutes would cover everything and, in many cases no service would be needed or charged for.

Personal or Genealogy pages I charge $50 and up depending on what you want. If you have a gedcom file I can generate a very nice site where people can search out names and connections


Thank You
David Wells

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Revised: 04/27/07

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