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I've found a nice shopping cart program that will handle a regular credit card processor, PayPal, or both. It's easy to add products, count inventory, and quote shipping. Once it's set up, anybody can maintain it. I use it in all the stores below.

Firestik Ham Antennas

Grace's Scissors, Craft, & Medical Tools

Knife Store

Locksmithing Tools


Arizona is one of a number of states where automatic knives [switchblades] are not illegal. In fact, SOME people in every state can own them so, I do not consider this an illegal activity. I do NOT sell to minors. Locksmithing tools are legal for most people to own as long as you don't use them for illegal purposes

I also built Sun Valley Knives web page which isn't up at present. Jim bought a trading post in Missouri and is concentrating on that at the present time.

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